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Worried about having an STD

i am worried i have some STD. Im a male 16 years old and have a twin brother. We had oral sex (without condom) many times and tried anal (also without condom) but never managed to because it was too painful.He never ejaculates in me nor I in him. Im not gay or bisexual and i regret doing this with my brother.

For some time (not sure how long) i've been feeling pain when urinating. Im worried this might be some kind of STD. Both of us never had sex with any other person so we didnt pick up an STD from someone else. Can an STD appear if we both are clean? Could I pick up an STD from my brother even though he didnt have sex with anyone besides me? Could it be HIV/AIDS or urinary tract infection? I remember blood when wiping my anus (not sure when) and a sore throat a couple of days after oral (there were many, not sure when). Im really scared and i think of this all day. Could it be gonorrhea or chlamydia?

I dont want to tell my parents about it, i would like to get tested and treat it without them knowing. Please help
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I am not sure if the blood from my anus and sore throat happened due to sex
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I also work out, an stopped takong creatine a week ago (a supplement which requires me to drink a lot of water, and now i stopped drinking so much water) so could the pain come from this?
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If one doe snot have a STD then one can not get a STD. See a Dr.
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Could it be E. Coli due to unprotected gay anal sex which is causing the painful urination (UTI)?
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Note: i never managed to put my penis in his anus because it was too painful for me and him, i barely put the head (maybe not the whole head) and didnt go in and out, just tried to put it in and pulled it out cuz of the pain. This happened maybe 10 times
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Sure it could be.

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