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Worried about male-male encounter

Four days ago I had an encounter with someone who claimed to always be safe, but I later found that out to be untrue. It consisted of mutual masturbation, where he stimulated both my penis and anus and fingered me. We both wore gloves and were naked, although there was next to no body contact, with him maybe leaning up against me for a few seconds once or twice. This all took place on a massage table that he had set up, and I took a shower both before and after the event at his place and dried off with a towel he gave me. While I understand that there is little to no risk for stds through mutual masturbation, I'm more concerned with the possibility of picking something up like crabs or Molluscum or some other skin-to-skin condition through the towel or table. I would be devastated if I passed something along to a loved one because of a stupid mistake that will never be made again. I thought this was going to be a safe way to experiment but after doing research, I feel like I was wrong. Am I at a significant risk with this situation?
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Hi, you had no risk for contracting any STD from your affair but if he had crabs, that would be possible that they crawled on to you also. Molluscum can be picked up from using towels but its more for those in very humid countries or spa goers.
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Thank you for the timely response. Would you consider this more of a theoretical risk, similar to the theoretical possibility of contracting herpes or syphilis through hand-genital contact, or more of an actual risk given that there was no prolonged or vigorous physical and sexual contact?
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If you had contracted crabs, you'd be itching like crazy already.

Molluscum isn't likely since I am sure this professional knows to launder towels in between clients.

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