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Worried about my brother

Hello, I am sexually active person , I get tested every 3 months as routine check. I haven’t tested for a while because all was protected,
Anyway my little brother came to live in my house the last months and he has been used my Underwear’s, i now that very recently
is there any chance he might Get infected if I have any STD?
Note : some times I Masturbate in these underwear’s , I get them clean later so i don’t know if he uses the clean of the dirty ones
Please help I am paranoid
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No, clothing doesn't transmit STDs. They are only sexually transmitted. They either need direct skin to skin contact or penetration to transmit.

However, if you are sharing underwear, it's possible that fungal infections like jock itch, yeast and the like could be transmitted this way. You shouldn't be sharing underwear. It's fine if it's clean, but since you don't know if it is or not, the practice should be that he just doesn't wear your underwear, to be safe.

If he doesn't have enough of his own, either get him more or do the laundry more often.
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Oh and perhaps don't leave your dirty underwear out where he can grab them.
Thank you so much,I will make sure it’s will never happen again.
But is that’s that’s also include Socks, shaving equipment, Deodorant, towels?
Yes, it's all of those things. Normal household contact doesn't spread STDs. A lot of those things can spread fungal infections and other bacterial infections like staph or MRSA.
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