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Worried its HPV

Hello, around the end of November I noticed that I started getting a bump on the side of my penis, it was small at first, and me thinking it was a pimple I tried to pop it but it wouldn't. It actually made it worse and bigger. It lasted like that for probably about a week or 2 until finally I saw a white head and I squeezed it, a very small amount of white stuff came out. It finally shrank down but now I'm worried it's either a wart or I've scarred my skin for messing with it when I shouldn't have. Its still there but it's more viable if I stretch or move the skin on my penis. It's not very viable if you look right at it unless like I said, i strecth the skin. Is this possibly a wart I'm really scared and worried that I messed up. I havent had unprotected sex since july but I've had unprotected oral twice. Any into would be greatly appreciated please :(
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First, you already know that you shouldn't squeeze things like this. It could cause scarring, but more importantly, it makes it harder for a doctor to diagnose what you have.

A wart wouldn't be fluid-filled. This sounds like a clogged oil gland, like a pimple. It could also be an infected hair follicle. Let your doctor take a look - that's the only way you'll know.

And don't worry about a little scar. Your partners don't care about that stuff.
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Thank you jessi for responding so quickly. So if it was a wart it wouldn't have gone away on it's on that fast right?
No, nor would it have popped like that, or have a whitehead.
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