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Worried its herpes or syphilis

Hello, earlier this morning after I took a shower, me being paranoid for the past few weeks sometimes I'll examine myself to make sure theres no unusual bumps or blisters. Well I'm uncercumsided and when I pulled my forskin back I noticed 3 spots that were white and looked like blisters. Theres no pain and it's not red around it. Now I'm worried I have herpes or if it's a early developing syphilis sore. I had unprotected oral sex, once 3 weeks ago then again 12 days ago. Stupid on my part I know, I honestly wasnt trying to, but one thing lead to another. I could use some info or insight on this I'm really worried I've been exposed. I'm hoping it's just my skin being weird and itll go away
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White spots sound like balanits, not herpes or syphilis.

How's your hygiene? Keep the area clean and dry, but don't overdo it. Keep an eye on it - sometimes balanitis is fungal, sometimes it's bacterial, but you'll need a doctor to see it and prescribe the correct cream.

If you've been overdoing the cleaning, it can kill off the good bacteria that keeps things in check, and cause a fungal infection.

If it lingers more than a day or two longer, get it checked. If it starts itching, or hurting, get it checked.

And honestly, your anxiety can not handle having unprotected sex of any type. No judgement here, but you deserve peace.
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Thank you Auntijessie, I think I remember this happening before but I couldn't really remember I always wash myself when in the shower but lately I've just been using shampoo since I'm out of body wash. Theres no itching either so I think I'm ok, just wanted a second opinion so thank you
Ohh shampoo could be causing a reaction, especially if it's scented, or extra cleansing, or something. Shampoo is meant to get rid of dirt and oils from our hair, which we don't have on our sensitive genital skin.

Get some gentle, non-soap body cleanser, and see how it goes.
Ok will do thank you again for your reassurance! And I'll try and use flavored condoms in the future to keep this feeling of paranoia
Hey auntiejessi, so this morning I checked to see if the spots were still there they were, they're not on the head of my penis but underneath when I pull back my for skin. So I guess I was able to wipe it off when I did it looked like skin, but when  I did now theres a red spot idk if I should be worried now I'm thinking its syphilis, syphilis doesnt happen that way or develop that way right?
No, that sounds like balanitis, and maybe the white stuff is smegma.


Really, just go get it checked. That's the only way you'll be reassured.

And not to be naggy, but you can really do more than "try" to use condoms. You just use them. Again - no judgements here, but for the sake of your physical AND mental health, you really should be using them.
Hey auntijesie, 2 weeks ago or I believe it was last week I felt a very small bump starting to form on the back side of my penis. I thought it was a pimple so I tried to pop it but instead of it poping it just got worse. It hasn't gotten bigger and I'm hoping it'll just shrink down. I'm worried I've might have been exposed from the unprotected oral encounters I had back in October. It doesnt feel solid hard and it's not red but it's like pinkish, no itching either. I read on another thread on here that oral HPV isnt very likely or rare. Please help with any info. Also if it is a wart, hope to god it isnt, could I still have protected sex if it's in the area that's covered by the condom
Have you gotten it checked by a doctor? You really need to. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but a doctor who looks at it can.

It could have been an oil gland, a hair follicle, or a host of other things. I doubt it's a wart, but just waiting and hoping it goes down is a waste of time. DO NOT HAVE SEX until you get a diagnosis. If you have a wart (which if it is a wart, I'd doubt it's from the oral encounters), you are not just infectious from the actual wart, but can be infectious from the skin on your penis.

A good rule is to not have sex when you have symptoms of anything - lumps, bumps, discharge, pain, burning, itching, anything. Not only could you be infecting someone with something, even if it's just a fungal infection, you might make whatever you have worse. Friction on an existing sore or lump or bump could make it infected.

So go to the doctor.
Ok, I'll be going to the doctor for sure. Reason why I was saying hope it shrinks down is because I've had something like this happen before, like trying to pop a pimple before forming but instead it just stayed as a pink bump and within a few weeks it went away. Could I go to any clinic? Or should it be a specific one?
Any doctor will be fine. If you can go to a dermatologist or STD clinic, that would be good, because they are really familiar with things that cause bumps, but any doctor or urgent care or walk in clinic should be able to help.
I still havent gone to the doctor but the bump has gone down almost completely, it finally did have a white head like a pimple and I did manage to squeeze it out, which I shouldn't have because I think I permanently scarred my penis. As in like it doesnt look noticable unless you really really look and stretch the skin. Now I'm worried I'll have to explain to future partners that it's not an std but a scar. It's super embarrassing  I'm still planning on seeing a doctor hopefully it completely goes away. Something like that shouldn't be a wart right?
No, it isn't a wart, but I don't know what the doc will be able to do now that you've popped it.

I don't know what the scar looks like, but as a person who's partners have penises, we aren't all that worried about what the penis looks like with the skin super stretched out. Most people understand the difference between a scar and an active symptom of an STD or something else.

If you want a doctor to be able to diagnose it, get to one before it goes entirely away. Otherwise, they can't diagnose it.
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