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Worried over symptoms. Please Help

Hello Medhelp community, I am worried over a few symptoms and several exposures I had in the last month.  

* About 20 days back I was involved in protected vaginal sex with a CSW for about five minutes. I didn't ejaculate during intercourse and ended with masturbation with the condom on until the end.

* About a week ago I was involved in mutual masturbation with a csw. There was hand to genital contact without a condom.

* Yesterday too, I was involved with a csw but didn't masturbate nor did I have sex. Just hugged and kissed (not deep french  kissing). I didn't take my clothes off. There was no genital contact at all.

* Today morning, I was involved in an encounter of mutual masturbation without a condom and went on to ejaculate. Had masturbated for a while before ejaculation

About a couple hours after my last encounter I noticed I have a cut like mark on the shaft of my penis. It is not painful or burning by itself. Only burns when touched. Has turned a little dark. No pimple or any sort of lesion yet. I just noticed it after my encounter today. Didn't see it in the morning or until yesterday. Also I've had a flu in the last week. Not any fever yet.

So my encounters were mutual masturbation and protected vaginal sex once about 3 weeks back. The latest one this morning. I'm worried if it's an std like herpes or syphilis. Could it be because of masturbation this morning or is it because of previous exposures?

I read some other posts and understand that hand to genital contact may not cause STDs but for the symptoms I have could I have caught an infection? Can an individual carry the hsv virus on their hands and pass on to the next person while in contact with their genitals? Worried and guilty over this. It's stupid. Please Help.

Thank You community.
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Hands can have herpes - it's called herpetic whitlow. However, they are only infectious when a sore is present, and those sores are noticeable and painful. I doubt anyone would be giving handjobs while having that kind of sore present on their hand. Most people who get whitlow are oral health professionals who have their fingers in people's mouths, and it's usually hsv1. If you google herpetic whitlow and look at images, you'll see that even the more mild images look pretty bad. You'd notice it.

Syphilis can cause a rash on the hands in the secondary stage. That's also noticeable.

A cut-like mark can be caused by lots of things - irritation, friction, herpes, - the list is long and varied.

You should get to a doctor today and have them look at it. Ask them to do a type specific PCR swab on it to test for herpes. If they think it's friction, irritation, a fungal infection, or something else, that's entirely possible, and there's no reason to doubt that diagnosis.

Let us know what happens.

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Thanks a lot for your response. As for all the encounters i did not notice any sores on the hands or the face. Or I wouldn't have proceeded. I saw the images. the sores appear very obvious of an infection and one can tell. But if mild can go unnoticed. It really worries me now :(

I visited a dermatologist today. Had myself examined and the doctor said that it didn't appear like an std. I told him about my last sexual exposure and the time. He asked me if it was protected sex and said that with the symptoms I have stds seem unlikely.
I asked again if it could be syphilis or herpes as initial infection. The doctor said it does not appear like any of those.  He didn't suggest any sort of testing and prescribed medication and asked me to visit back at 5 days.

I was prescribed:
Azithromycin - 250 mg for 3 days (6 tablets)
Becozym - Vitamin C for 5 days ( 10 tablets)
and a skin ointment

Azithromycin is used to treat bacterial infections and std too.  However, I'm prescribed those and was told that I didn't appear to have an std yet. I'll visit back in 5 days and hope it's not an std.

This has really shook me and understand that it's not worth so much trouble and anxiety. A monogamous relationship is essential from a viewpoint of sexual safety. Feel like it was a big mistake.

From the above, do you think I might have caught an infection? I am still very worried and sleepless. I read that herpes would appear within two, at the most 3 weeks if it is an initial outbreak. And syphilis too can take 3 weeks. I will get tested for sure after some time like 8 weeks but what are my chances?  

Thanks a lot for the help on this forum.
My symptoms are no fever, a running nose and cough from the last week, no pain in the groin or pubic region, no burning sensation on the skin or in the urine.  Just the wound like mark which is about half a centimeter in diameter on the shaft. No blisters or itchiness.  
I have already said, like your doctor, that this doesn't sound like an STD.

You noticed nothing on her hands. You had protected sex. The chances that you got anything are so, so low.

Azithromycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic and can treat a lot of things, but not syphilis. If your doctor thought it was syphilis, he'd have given you an entirely different antibiotic in the form of a shot.

I have no idea why he gave you the Becozym. That's used for people with vitamin deficiencies due to pregnancy, poor diet, alcoholism, and certain illnesses.

What is the skin ointment?

Are you going back in 5 days for a check?

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