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Zpack for chlamydia

Hi. I was diagnosed with chlamydia around 3 months ago. I took the two 500mg dosage used at the health center. I fear my girlfriend may still be infected and that we are passing the infection back and forth. My local pharmacist gave us a regular zpack to treat both of us. He directed us to take two 250mg tablets once daily for three days. Will this cure chlamydia or should I take a higher dosage? Would it hurt to take four pills (1000 mg) to treat the infection and would this be a better dosage alternative? Thanks for the help.
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Both finish the medicaton. No sex without a condom. Test 3 weeks after medication is finished.
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no that is not the proper doses for chlamydia.

bottom line is you both need to be seen and have repeat std testing done and go from there.  no sex until you've both had testing and proper treatment if anything is going on.

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Well, every other site I've seen has said that the recommended dosage is 1000mg. Four 250mg pills = 1000mg. This wouldnt be the correct dosage? Is there a difference between azithromycin 250mg and 500mg, even if they are added up to the same exact dosage? Would 1000mg of azithromycin (from a zpack) cure chlamydia is my question.
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Thank you both for you responses.
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you posted you would be taking 500mg daily for 3 days which isn't the proper dose.

bottom line is you are doing yourselves a HUGE disfavor by not following up for proper testing and just self treating.   odds are you are not passing chlamydia back and forth and it's something else going on. the longer you don't get an accurate diagnosis that you can treat properly, the more you potentially risk fertility depending on the cause of the symptoms.
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Ok. We will get proper testing to make sure there is not a problem. Thank you for your response. :)
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