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are these symptoms of STD

I am 29 M
I had protected varginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a professional sex worked on 8th Oct.
On 9th Oct - I started feeling some pain in nerve below my left testical.
On 11th Oct - I noticed some marks on thigh, left of my penis and visited a doctor, doctor said this is fungal infection and gave me cream(Onabet) and powder. Burning reduced after I started using that cream and outer infection reduced. I also had some pain in area between penis and leg.
On 16th Oct I noticed around 10 very thin skin bumps around my penis, I checked with doctor and he said he don't know what they are but they don't look like any STD.
On 17/18 Oct - I got one ulcer in my mouth.
On 24 Oct- pain in area between left leg and penis increase and I felt it till hip, checked with doctor and he said it is not muscular pain and couldn't be related to any infection. He gave me some medicines.
I also noticed around 8-10 tiny black dots on my body (may be they were always there and I never noticed them, but thats highly unlikely)
On 27 Oct - I am having some pain in lower side of penis, just before testicals, most probably in nerve.

For last 2 weeks I am also facing following problems:
Cough and cold (could be because of change in weather)
Little burning below left testical, near nerve.
Little fever
Hot urine (have observed on two different days, could be because of fever)
Dry lips (could be because of change in weather)
Pain in area between left leg and penis

Are these symptoms of some STD.
Please help me, I am very scared.
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Hi none of what you mention are symtpoms of any std that could be transmitted from the protected vaginal and the unprotected oral
Thanks Dave
Does it look like I have internal fungal infection?
Also, today I am felling pain in lower side of my penis, I think in the nerve which carries urine. I am having fever and my urine was hot few time. Is it normal?
Also, today I am felling pain in lower side of my penis, I think in the nerve which carries urine. I am having fever and my urine was hot through out the day. Is it normal
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Its not std related
Thanks Dave
Hi Dave, I posted this question on some other forum also, there someone said that these are symptoms of Herpes or Chancroid. This made me worry. Do you think these look like symptoms of Herpes or Chancroid
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No i dont. Herpes are blister type sores that are painful.
Thanks Dave
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