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bacterial infection.. pimple?

BACK KNOWLEDGE: i went to my doctors about these little bumps on my lips (mouth) that occurred like 3 days after giving oral sex. He said it was not an STD, gave me test to make sure (didnt hear result back, so i assume all negative) he said it looks like a bacterial infection in my mouth, which is common. The date of oral was Dec 14th.

I am addicted to chapstick, i share it with people, and I just started hooking up with this new guy. He said that my body could of reacted to basically anything.

QUESTION: Well, I still have the little bumps on my top lip (mouth) but they are not bothering me (i still use chapstick/vasaline on my lips every 15 minutes addicted), but I did realize yesterday in the exact center of my top lip (mouth) it looks like a pimple or a blood blister. It looks like it has a white head on it. It was not painful at all, but I tried to pop it and nothing came out, did not pop just really hurt.  Now (next day) it is very sensitive. Could this indeed be herpes that is just showing up or could it just be a pimple or blood blister from this bacterial infection?  It is a single little dot, more towards the inside on my lip where in touches my bottom lip.

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and looking at my lips now. my entire top lip looks the same as it did before.. basically like a little discoloration, white-ish, blotchy, scaly looking, and nothing on my bottom.
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also today my lips are a little swollen, and I started getting a sore throat last night (i am a non smoker, but last night I was drinking and smoking)  I was making out with my boy last night (NYE) for a while. and my lips especially the top are tingling me,

but warning I AM A HYPOCHONDRIAC. (so i might be finding stuff not there, because of the research I am doing for myself.) Please help me out, I think I wanna go back to doctors after the holidays over.
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