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bumps, tingling

Monday 12/14 I had unprotected oral sex with my new partner for the first time. He did not ejaculate in my mouth. And This was the time time giving oral sex in months, he is a big size, and it had alot of deep throat.  It did not look like he had anything at the time. Yesterday 12/21 I developed a sore throat and today 12/22 my lips look swollen, and on the top and bottom part of my lips it looks like little cluster of white bumps (along the whole lip), and my lips tingle.

On Sun 12/20 I burn the top of my mouth with hot food (and i have a blister on roof of mouth) and same day I started using a new chapstick I have never used before. Plus I have been extremely stressed lately.

Now my question is does this sound like a type of STD? (HSV-1 or HSV-2 or something else) Could it be just soreness just the deep throating? Fordyce's condition? PLEASE HELP!!!!

I am going to the doctors tomorrow, but this is very much stressing me out, and worrying me.
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Let me know what your doctor says. I've had had Fordyce bumps appear on my lip after oral sex, but every doctor I have seen says that it is nothing to worry about: no STD.
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Bumps can be many things, you would have to see a Dr. Most of the time they are not STD related.
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ok just got back from doctors. He said he thinks it is a bacterial infection (basically my mouth didn't accept someone else s bacterial very well)

he said he has seen herpes and looks nothing like this. Plus it is too early to show up. So he is 99% positive not herpes. He did a culture for chlamydia and gonorrhea, along with some other bacterial infections.

He said don't aggravate it, that's probably why it got so bad. (i was scrubbing tongue and mouth washing insanely) So no soda, mouthwash, spicy food, smoking, alcohol, etc.

He also said don't share chapstick. And use Vaseline.

He said everything should clear up completely by Monday at latest.

hope this might help some of you out. I feel so much more relieved.
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