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burning urination & ejaculation

Been tested for all STD and all came back negative. My girlfriend gave me oral sex the morning after we have been drinking a lot she also threw up a lot due to drinking, so I think I may have caught a bacterial infection from dirty mouth.  Anyway 2-3 days after oral sex  I take a **** and it burns (first sign of first symptom). It also burns upon ejaculation. Went to the doc on day 3 of symptoms and was prescribed doxycycline, urine test showed no signs of infection. 2 days after i saw the doc my penis started itching at night only, nothing bad more like a tingling. And I have slight redness around the opening of penis. Burning during urination seems to be getting less frequent and slightly less painful but is still there somewhat. Penis did not itch as much last night. My only symptoms are burning urination/ejaculation, slight redness on tip of penis/ swollen penis lips and slight itchy/tingling sensation at night, oh also for maybe all of 15 mintues on day 3 of symptoms i felt a slight tenderness in my groin but it went away. I am on day 7 of dealing with this. I am following a candida diet in case it is that. So only vegetables. Also been putting organic coconut oil on my penis to kill any possible infection, taking 2-4 showers a day and keeping penis dry. Also been taking probiotics and powerful cranberry extract,, drinking lots of cumin and coriander tea. So I am very serious about getting this out of me and trying to create an environment where bacterial infection cant exist. Have not been ejaculating either in case this is prostate related. I read on a lot of forums with people dealing with this for months/years while being tested and everything coming back negative. This worries me. What does it sound like I have? Will I get better? Anything you can recommend?
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With all the negative STD tests I have no clue what it could be.
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