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A gay suck me last few days without the condom. Now i feel burnig in my **** and als the **** goes black, doctor advice me to take doxycycline for seven days and do my std test for but without the anus they told me you have no puss so that no need to the test for anus. In the std test there shows no problem in the report but my pens is also burning in some times. i take also ofloxin for seven days but the burning is somes times for 1 to 3 minutes. when i passing the urine i have no pain. if the test is ok then why i have burning replay me sameer.***@****
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I would suggest that you follow up with your Dr on the burning. You could have a different infection that is not related to an STD.
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Hi hope u r fine Before one month a gay suck me without condom after the second day i feel fever, cough and in the same da i feel burning. i went to the doctor doctor give me dioxcycline 100mg for seven days after seven days i again went to the doctor and i told him i also have burning same that time i also have  redness and swolling in my penis doctor advice me you take again doxycycline and ciprofloxin for another seven days and do my std test. In the test report all the reposts are ok. Doctor told me that you have nothing you just take lot of water. But today is nearly going one month i have still burning in my penis if i have nothing then whyi should have pain. can any body tell me what test i do now that shows me what is the problem. and give me medicne that i feel well plz.........
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We can't give you a medication, but you need to follow up with your doctor and ask to be tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU and have a urine culture done.  

You should also have a prostate exam done.

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But the doctor do my std test that was negative and told me to take plenty or water if i have no disease then why i should hvae burning
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If you came back negative on the tests then you do not have an STD, so you would need to follow up with your Dr again.
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