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can I get cryotherapy while using Aldara

Im am a 24 year old male, and i have had genital warts for 3 years. I am using Aldara and it has seemed to stop the growth of new warts where the cream is applied, as well as destroying a few small ones. I was wondering if i could get cryotherapy on the unaffected warts while i am still using the aldara 3 times a week. Also is it normal for skin to turn white where warts are treated? they still appear to be warts but just white and possibly smaller with treatment. Will the skin go back to normal after they are done treatment? I am worried that the skin will be permanently dameged by the genital warts and treatment.
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Hey man,

I hear your concerns, as I have had genital warts for just over a year now. One thing I have found in speaking to others with genital warts is that  some treatments can cause the skin to be irritated and even white when applied too often or if you don't clean away the treatment after a few hours.

There is a pretty good article on genital warts here: http://www.cdc.gov/std/treatment/2010/genital-warts.htm

Personally, I use a product called Wartrol. Like you said, sometimes after the warts go away they can leave scars. However, since using Wartrol I have had no such scars. I recently wrote about my treatment at getridofgenitalwarts.net

Check it out if you are concerned about getting rid of your genital warts and returning your skin to its original state.

Best of luck,

Justin B.
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