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can i get an std from this?

i visited a massage person for hire and she ended up giving me a handjob.  

during the handjob, she licked my testicles and maybe even put my scrotum in her mouth but unsure of that.  the licking might have been 3-5 minutes in length.

also at one point she sat on my chest and her bare vagina was in contact with my chest for a few minutes.

is there any std i can get from this?  i am married and don’t want to infect my wife.

i know that we both have HSV-1.

tank you all!
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Hand jobs are never a risk for STDs. Neither is her sitting on your chest, even if she was naked while doing so. Hands are not an efficient way of transmitting STD germs, and the skin on your chest/stomach is too thick for anything to penetrate.

If she had a syphilis sore on her tongue, you could be at risk for syphilis from the licking. Same goes for her putting your scrotum in her mouth. Syphilis is pretty uncommon, though, even in sex workers.

Overall, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. If you notice any sores, get checked by your doctor immediately, but I'd be very surprised if you do.
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Oh you could have been at risk for genital hsv1, but since you have hsv1 already, you can't get it again. :)
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thank you.

reagarding syphilis, the skin on the scrotum is strong as well, like the chest, no?

i though i read on some post by Doctor HH that licking intact skin, elbow, chest, scrotum would be no risk?

i have hsv-1, so understood can’t get it again. :)

should i test for syphilis?  would there have to be a chance that appears for me to know if i got it?  i’ve been looking daily, been nearly two weeks, nothing so far.

thank you again for the guidance!!!
The skin on the scrotum is thicker than the skin on your penis, but not quite as thick as the skin on your chest. It's unlikely you'd get syphilis there, but possible.

If you got syphilis, and again, it's so unlikely, you wouldn't see a sore for at least 3 weeks. It can take up to 90 days, but the average is 6 weeks.

In your situation, I wouldn't test for syphilis. It's uncommon enough that you don't need to. If you wanted to test, and I don't think you need to, test at 6 weeks.

And yes, Dr. HH is correct - licking those body parts wouldn't put you at risk. The only reason I said that about the scrotum is because you said she sucked on them. If it was just licking, I would say it's no risk. Sucking creates a bit more friction that may raise the risk a little bit.

Still though - chances are really low.
thank you for replying it means a ton.  

as you have guessed perhaps i am married and this has put me on tilt!  bahhhh ugh sigh.

few more things if you please.

i called the woman.  she said she is ocd about cleanliness and gets tested every 3 months — her last test was beginning of august.  all clean. and she does nothing uncovered she said.   whatever that means.

also, and importantly, as long as i do not see a chancre on my scrotum or chest, i cannot infect my wife right?  so safe to proceed with normal relations with her unless i do, correct?  and absent a chance i know i was not infected, is that correct?

i’m 90% sure it was licking only.  afraid to call her and ask but that’s how i remember it.

in terms of probability, what’s the chance i got infected?  lighting strike odds?  

anything else i should know?     at all?

thanks you again!
Don't call her again. This forum is full of men who keep calling their partners and asking questions, and they get annoyed and stop taking their calls, which only leads to further anxiety.

You will not see a chancre on your chest. It's not possible for syphilis to infect you there if your skin is intact. You didn't mention any cuts, and you would have, had you had any.

Yes, lightning strike odds, at least. Maybe getting struck by lightning on the same day you won the lottery odds.

Anything else you should know? Yes - trust science. It's more believable and reliable than what your anxiety and guilt are telling you. And guilt doesn't equal risk. Remember this feeling should you want to do this again. I don't mean this in a moral judgement way - those decisions are up to you - but clearly your anxiety can't handle these activities.
or my scrotum correct?

and you final point is well taken and is very insightful.   thank you for that.  
Yes, I meant your scrotum, too. I left that out by accident. :(
hey AJ!

coming up on five weeks (32 days) and no sign of a chancre.  my wife has retained from a ten day business trip.  am i in the clear to continue. unprotected sex with her based on the singular exposure 32 days ago i mentioned?  anxiety on this won’t fully subside.  

thank you!
returned—-not retained.  :)
Yes, you can have normal sexual relations with your wife. You really have nothing to worry about. :)
AJ -- long time since this episode.  i think the recent virus stuff has awoken my fears.  i did a test 2-3 weeks after this incident and it came back negative but i keep thinking the test was too soon and i should repeat.  but i bruise from vein blood draw, and i cant explain another test!  is there a rapid test like finger prick or something i can or should do?  how can i just forget about this?  thanks!
No, there is no finger prick test for this.

Did you ever get a chancre sore? It's a round, painless sore. By now, you'd have had a rash on your body from secondary syphilis - you probably wouldn't have missed that.

Deal with your anxiety about the virus and your guilt from this incident. Get counseling if you need to. If you don't deal with the underlying issues, it will just come back again later. The pandemic is causing anxiety for a lot of people - you aren't alone. There are all kinds of treatment options available - online, in person, etc. Please consider it.
nope, no chancre (that i was able to notice) or body rash -- i think about getting another blood test but i also read about false positives and the need to retest after and the anxiety if that happened would probably not be good for me?

counseling might be the best route?  or do you think another blood test?

i just don't know what to do....
Have you googled the secondary syphilis rash? It would be very hard to miss.

These are drawings, but you'll get the idea - https://www.healthline.com/health/syphilis-secondary#pictures




I think you wouldn't miss both the first AND the secondary stage of this, as anxious as you've been. That syphilis is as uncommon as it is, and with the activities you did, I really wouldn't worry at all if I were you - not even a little.

I think counseling is your best bet.
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