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cheating bf and worried about STD

hello.i m female 23 years old i am in a relation with a man since this jan.my bf and i and i had sex 3 to 4 time from jan  and we had recent sex a weeks ago and its was unprotected.he was complaning he feel frequent urination and little itchy in his penis.he just told me a truth about his past STD he got it from his EX GF on november 2014 and he was treated with azithomycin 1 g flagyl 2g cefixme 400 mg and later on december he said he got recurrent sympt and had cefixme 200mg and doxy 100mg twice a day for a week.on.. jan 2015 we had unprotected sex and he cum insiade me and past week he did the same..i have no sympt but he was having some trouble and he told i may also be infected by him.. i m so so so worried now....pls what should i do now??am i infected by him and made him breinfected again?
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Go and get tested, only way to know.
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