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cheating boyfriend?

My very best friend has a new boyfriend. They have been dating for 3 months & now his boyfriend has symptoms & tested positive for gonorrhea. My friend had gonorrhea about five months ago but had it taken care of by his doctor right away. When he heard his boyfriend tested positive he also went to his doctor...but he tested negative & has no symptoms? Does that mean his boyfriend either has had it the entire time? Or maybe his boyfriend cheated on him? Or could it have stayed dormant in my friend...but then why would he test negative? We are just trying to figure out what the best explanation is for this? Also shouldn't my friend have gotten it from his boyfriend by now? Sounds kind of suspicous to me? Thanks for any info so he can get to the bottom of this! I think his boyfriends cheating but I know he doesnt want to believe that.
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If the person just had symptoms chances are that it is a new infection that just came about in the past 30 days, probably in the last week or so.

If your friend tested negative then he does not have gonorrhea. Unless he has aquired it orally at some point and passed it on that way. The only way to find that out is a throat swab.

I would advise testing for chlymida now, syphilis at 6 weeks and HIV at 3 months.
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