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cheating? std or yeast infection??

So im 9 weeks and a 3 days and i have been having this woman feeling my baby daddy has been cheating so i went to the doctors when i was 6 weeks and they took blood and did all the ushual (had uti gave me amoxicillin) in the mean time i believe my bf was cheating so i gave no sex and than i gave in and used a condom! now im 9 weeks at my second visit and they read my blood results from my last visit(6 weeks) she said i dont have a std but she wants to make sure my uti cleared up so i peed again now i wont get the results untill my next visit (lab takes long time august 8th!!) now sense i got the good news of no std ( no sex than used condom) i went home and we had sex without a condom now its a few days later and im itching burning when pee and white discharge could be from amoxicillian??? oooorrrrr HES CHEATING! what do you think?
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Yeast infection but get checked again just in case
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Hope this isn't TMI. But I had never had a yeast infection In my life! Well kept getting them burning & itching no STDs but did find out I was being cheating on so its something to watch for....but don't jump to conclusions just by that.
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We'll if u had a uti the itchy and burning is apart of that. As far as the discharge its white and milky or even a little thick is normal in pregnancy could just be that ur worried I would jump to conclusions just yet could justbe twp things that are hand and hand now if u notice slight pains down there with a smell or the itching and burning continue to progress then I'd be concerned ...
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Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that kills bacteria,  it messes with the balence in your vagina causing yeast infections + your pregnant which also upsets the balence.
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Yeast infections have been HORRIBLE for me. Never got them until I got pregnant. Its is so miserable. Hormones make your body go crazy!!
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I had a ton of yeast infections at this stage in pregnancy! I wouldn't worry to much girl
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thanks you guys i just thought it was so ironic how as soon as no condom these symptomes showed but than again i was on amoxicillan that causes yeast infection just to close to tell but your all right i cant assume yet probly yeast
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Anti biotics cause yeast infections all the time:) go back and see if they can give you some thing for it
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