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chlamydia serology question?

Hi doctor,

I was with a guy mid august 07 (genital contact and unprotected oral sex). He informed me mid september that he tested positive for chlamydia. I had a clear vaginal swab one year previously.

unfortunatley i was travelling through asia at the time. I had been taking doxycycline 100mg for malaria since the start august so i doubled the dose for a week starting 20th sept 07. I got a blood test on 8th oct 07 for chlamydia as that was all the hospital could do.

I just got the results, IgG for chlamydia trachomatis was negative. They said they dont perform IgM.

Im just wondering does that mean i never had chlamydia or that i may have had it and the test was negative as i had taken the treatment 2 weeks before? how likely was i to get the infection if i had been taking prophyllactic doxycycline for a month previous to possible exposure?

i wont return home until christmas, should i try in another hospital to get a vaginal swab taken or can it wait?

thanking you in advance
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Doxy is a strong antibiotic. Chlam is treated with Doxy or azinthro. If you had sex with a chlam infected person while on your LAST dose of doxy your chances are higher than if you had a couple more doses to take. My advice is trust symptoms over swab because of antibiotic use, if you have discharge or odor NO SEX and take more doxy and/or 1g azinthro.
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thank you, still wondering about the negative IgG result, does that have any significance about previous infection? I am also still taking 100mg doxycycline od for malarial prophyllaxis and will be for the next 2 months, if i get any symptoms should i take azithromycin? its just not that easy being left wondering if i was infected or not? and also spent a hell of a lot of money on that bloodtest!! id appreciate any more information thanks
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Im concerned about who ever your having sex with (that may have given it to you) giving chlam back to you once your 2 months on the doxy is up. From this point on use condoms for everything i would even be sceptical about him giving you oral. To you question, a neg result does NOT have any significance on past infection. And to reiterate on what I said in my firs responce you doxy use could have created a false neg. I would forget the past and concentrate on staying healthy from now on. GOOD LUCK
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