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concern about getting STI

good day everyone

so i had a gay encounter we both hugged did little foreplay then i put on my condom, after that he jumped on me sitting on my penis  and thighs and we both were  naked trying to put his condom on he did sit for less than 30 seconds. he put the head of the condom upside down just small portion and then flipped it while he was not having a full erection , and so after i sucked him with condom on he started to have a full one. so i am really worried that i might get some STI from him sitting on my penis and thighs as well as he might have precum on the condom, any advice
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There is a chance that the precum on the condom could transmit something, but it's pretty low, given that he probably flipped it over quickly. If he had any infections, there probably wouldn't be enough virus or bacteria to transmit.

When he was sitting on your penis, what parts of you were touching? Did his anus touch your penis? Was there rubbing or did he sit pretty still while trying to put the condom on?

I ask because infections like herpes, HPV and syphilis are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact (genital to genital, genital to anal, mouth to genital or anal), but they need some friction in order to transmit. Syphilis requires a sore to be present in order to transmit, but herpes and HPV can transmit without any symptoms present.

All in all, this sounds like a low-risk encounter, and the risk may go up a bit if there was some rubbing.
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ok thanks one more question
will viruses like herpes and syphilis hang on the condom so after flipping the condom i could have exposed to them
It's possible, but they die pretty quickly after being exposed to air, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. It sounds like it was a quick thing - he tried to roll it down wrong, didn't get far, and flipped it over. There's not a lot of chance for virus (herpes and HPV) or bacteria (gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU and syphilis) to grab on to the condom.

If he didn't have any visible sores, you don't have to worry about syphilis. It's only infectious when symptoms are present.

This is something that is definitely a theoretical risk, but in practicality, probably doesn't happen that often.
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