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confused about hsv results, desperately need better understanding.

In January of 2013, I was pregnant and had a blood test for hsv because it's mandatory during pregnancy for delivery and neonate purposes.   I miscarried and that was the end of that.  I became pregnant again in September and was retested for the same viruses 1 & 2.  My HSV2 results were positive with levels of 1.37. I asked for my results from January of 2013 and they were negative  As you can imagine with my hormones and racing mind, my fiance/ significant other of 5 years and I have taken a turn for the worse with accusations of cheating and such and putting much stress on me and our unborn daughter.  He went to get tested recently and his results were negative.  Can this be a false positive result due to pregnancy or extra hormones?
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Hi and no hormones have  nothing to do with testing. Any score under 3 is considered a false positive and a second test is needed to confirm.
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