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could this be herpes?

I had unprotected sex at the end of july this past summer once with a different partner after my boyfriend and I of 2 years had broken up. I have recently developed what looks like a cut and scaly itchy dry skin at the top of my vagina.. not in the labia, sort of above the clitoris. I do shave down there and I'm thinking it was a cut from shaving but its been a week and a half now and it has hardly healed. It isn't painful or ***** and did not start off as a red painful bump.... it basically looks like a paper cut. It has been almost 3 months since this sexual encounter and I'm freaking out because it won't heal. I was just wondering if this at all could be herpes? I was also having cramps and discharge but I'm also on the nuva ring and the nuva ring has caused the cramping and discharge before this sexual encounter. I just don't know what to make of the situation. any advice would be appreciated.
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oh yeah there has been no pus
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It could be a herpes sore, or something bacterial or fungal from shaving.  You really need to get this checked out.

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