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effectiveness of treatments

hope you can help.  I have taken five weeks ago treatment even though test were negative five days after an oral (receiving hetero) exposure.  I had a ceftriaxone shot and seven day doxycyclene i also was taking a z-pac.  i was told by the doc and others (friends) that this would take care of any potential bacterials.  First if you can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that is true please do. Second I developed five days later a burning which got progressively worse and then better and feels better every day.  If I had an STD and had gotten no further treatment but had burning it would only get worse not better or resolve on its own would it?  I have never had an std.  Thanks in advance for your info and kindness.
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You had a low risk exposure to begin with, and then you took several antibiotics in different categories.  If you did have anything bacterial, you don't now.  And there is no such thing as shadow of a doubt with medicine, it's reasonable doubt that's important for medicine, the same what it is with law.

The only realistic risk you have now is for HSV-1.  That can cause burning on urination, but rarely without obvious sores or other symptoms.  It would resolve on it's own, however, 5 days would be very short for an initial outbreak and typically the symptoms are not so mild.  If you want to be sure, test 3 months post exposure.

There are other causes of urethritis such as adenovirus which would not respond to antibiotics and would clear up on their own.  However, something like adenovirus has the significance of a common cold (it is a cause of common colds), which is to say basically none at all.
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thanks that is what i was thinking of all the times to have an issue like this in any event I want to hear as many times as possible that the treatments work and there is no reason to believe they do not I think that is what you are saying.  I believe if I had std symptoms i.e. burning it would not resolve itself as this apears to be doing....no meds....... and I am feeling 80% better than I did over the weekend.  Thanks for the reassurance I have read many of your posts and you seem to know your stuff. By the way on the five day test I discovered in the blood test I have antibodies so exposure from a child like many and I am protected so that is not a worry at all and no lesions even if it were HSVw accordng to both docs does not occur ever in this situation and HIV was never a concern.  I think I am good on that front.  Please reiterate that the drugs worked and I am free from STD ...........like many this occured outside my relationship and I do not want to ruin that with one mistake.
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You have no realistic risk of any bacterial STDs at this point.  Also, since you now point out that you already have HSV-1, you are correct in thinking it would be very unlikely for you to catch it again in another location.  The only reasonable conclusion here is that you're free from STDs, at least from this encounter.
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thanks I visited urologist today he says I killed any chance of bacterials but I am still stuck on HSV1 I had Igg and they said I had antibodies five days after exposure. could they have picked up on that I had chicken pox as a kid and hence I never had exposure to HSV1?  If so could I have an initial genital outbreak of HSV1 with no external lesions?  Could my initial outbreak be contained to my urethra?  Please help if you can.
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