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exposed to gonorrhoea need advice!!!

i had unprotected sex about a month ago, in the last 2 weeks i have got symptoms of gonorrhoea. i am getting tested in 2 days and results take another 2 weeks to come back. i know if it is left untreated, it can cause serious complications. what is the time span on that? i am so worried and in severe pain. PLEASE HELP!

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What symptoms? Are you male or female? What was the nature of your sexual exposure a month ago? Where are you?

Gonorrhea rarely takes 2 weeks to show symptoms; 2-5 days is typical.

If you have symptoms (e.g. urethral discharge if you are male), usually it is possible to document infection by professional exam, and even if the exact diagnosis is unclear, treatment for the likely causes can be started. In other words, it may not be necessary to wait 2 weeks for your test result. And anyway, gonorrhea test results generally should be available within a couple of days.

Fill in the missing information and I may have additional advice.
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i am female,
i have bleeding between my period, itchiness, sore, alot of discharge, burning urine and horrible lower abdominal pain,
it was oral and penetrative vaginal sex.
ive read so much about it blocking my fallopian tubes and causing PID im just so worried with the amount of time i have been exposed to it,
i will look forward to your reply.
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With those symptoms, it is possible you already have pelvic inflammatory disease (PID, ie fallopian tube infection). You need to be properly diagnosed and treated immediately. Did you get tested on your own, or are you under the care of a doctor or clinic?

Do you know for sure that your partner two weeks ago had gonorrhea?
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so, would they be able to test me for PID while i have a sexual screen test? as i have an appointment in 2 days time.
i told my doctor the symptoms i have and was advised that it sounds like gonorrhea.
i slept with an australian man that was over in the uk and having his great taste of british women, hes now back in oz, i didnt notice any symptoms on him.i slept with him about a month ago... my symptoms started 2 weeks ago.
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i was just wondering how long the infection could be left before it starts getting dangerous as... i couldve had it a while now
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PID ia diagnoed by physical examination, not lab tests.  Lab tests can help learn the cause (gonorrhea or chlamydia) and severity (blood count and others, sometimes Xrays or ultrasound). However, the diagnosis of PID itself is by pelvic exam, not lab tests. Your doctor will know whether to suspect PID while you are in the office.

Chlamydia is a more common cause of PID than gonorrhea, but it could be either one.

I am concerned by a 2 day delay. Since you have abdominal pain, significant damage to your tubes could be happening right now. Every day of additional delay increases the risk of later tubal blockage, with infertility or tubal pregnancy. See if your doctor can see you sooner. If not, consider another doctor or an urgent care clinic.
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shall i go straight to accident and emergency?
the pain is getting bad, i phoned a national helpline and i dont think they understood me correctly. my discharge has got worse over night
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Your doctor probably understands the potential seriousness of PID, especially if she is a gynecologist. Call your doctor's office and tell them about your increasing pain, etc and you're going to the emergency department if they won't see you today. If they still won't do it then, go to the emergency service.
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no one could see me today so i will have to keep to my appointment for tomorrow night. i just hope there is not alot of permanent damage done already.
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You would be seen in the ER without an appointment, but it's up to you. Either way, please return with a comment to let me know the outcome.
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i am being seen tonight so i will let you know the outcome, fingers crossed hopefully its not too serious, im sure i noticed blood in my urine earlier so i guess the results will be a matter of swabs
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i am being treated for PID, thrush and bacterial vaginosis. ive had a full std check and awaiting the results i have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks.
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OK. Probably the PID wasn't felt to be very severe or advanced, or they would have wanted to re-check in a few days. What antibiotics were you given?

You need to speak with your partner and tell him to get checked for gonorrhea and chlamydia. This is necessary even if your own STD tests are negative. Also, he might turn out to have a positive test before your own lab results are available, so you may sooner know the cause of your PID. It will also protect his health, and maybe that of other women with whom he may have had sex in the meantime. Call him right away!

What are you being treated with?
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i am taking
X4 ofloxacin
X1 fluconazole
X2 metronidazole
( per day )
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You're being treated appropriately for both PID and a yeast infection (thrush); and the metronidazole also covers BV. The only slight wrinkle is possible reduced effectiveness if you have gonorrhea. Be sure you follow-up with the doc's office; if your gonorrhea test returns positive, additional treatment would be recommmended.
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i have a follow up in 4 days, i am still awaiting results for gonorrhoea .
the symptoms i have are taking a long time to clear, i will let you know the outcome of my appointment on thursday.
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