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gonorrhea cured but red dots on penis on inner skin

First, i have tested for std on 4 October after 4 days exposure and been diagnosed as gonorrhea. Its been treated 1 week ago as result show negative, but when the doctor check on my penis, it has red dots on it under the skin. Then, she gave me a cream to put on it but no mention anything, just ask me to come back 6 months later for hiv test. I m worried does the result is final confirm? Other negative result for std can be confirmed after 4 days exposure only?
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Hi Yes if testing negative after treatment that would be final and red dots have nothing to do with gono and could just be a friction irritation or from you constantly milking your penis looking for that white puss discharge.
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Milking the penis?  Wat is that?
thank you so much
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The red dots are likely Balantis from the antibotic treatment. Keep the area clean and dry and apply the cream. If it’s a steroid based off my research I did when I had it the steroid can cause more harm than good and I personally wouldn’t use it, just a antifungial cream
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thank you so much, it seems a bit better after used a week later, then i stop it for days till now, it becomes redness again, is it seriously need to keep it dry after every urinating or still need to use back the cream or other issue?
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