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herpes shedding on the thigh

I was  diagnosed with herpes type two a few months ago. I am confused about the shedding process. My intiial outbreak was on my upper, innermost thigh. I know that herpes is very contagious when you have an outbreak. However, I don't understand the shedding process. Will the area of my body be most contagious where I have had an outbreak- ie, will I be shedding on my upper thigh specifically and therefore condoms will not decrease the risk of passing it on as it does with other people who have herpes? I am pretty worried about passing it on to a potential partner, even when on meds, condoms, and abstaining when I have an outbreak. It seems impossible to avoid contact while shedding on my thigh  dring sex unless I wrap my entire body in saranwrap. Any clarification on this matter would be really great.

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You need to post this question in the herpes community.  The link is at the top of the page in the box with the "post a question" button.  It says "Herpes Community" in blue letters.
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