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is herpes the only std that cause red burning on the penis and pain?
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and genital warts
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Lots of things cause redness and burning on the penis - not just std's.  Bacterial and fungal infections can also cause them.  Have you seen your doctor yet?

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yes about three weeks ago and he diagnosed me with hpv and froze the bump and gave me medication but now i have seen some redness next to the uretra and hurts a little i had a sexual exposure 1 month ago. 10 days later i had all stds and hiv tests done all negative i donot know if is herpes or hiv.

could the test misdiagnosed all the stds since it was only 10 days after exposure?
today i had the 20 min hiv rapid test today, 29 days after exposure but feeling very sick for the last 29 days. could it be hiv?
very scared
thank you for answering
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If you are treating this with aldara at home - these are most likely side effects of the medication.

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yes maybe a reaction to the oinment i was using thank you for the advice
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