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hi people...penile help?

hi, about 6 months ago I gave and received oral sex...received briefly.

after couple months I noticed under my foreskin it was red and some times itchy. (im uncircumsized), the area on foreskin wen pulled back if let go will touch certain portion on penis head where will get spotty with itchy redness as well. the itchy spots will clear up in day or so depending if I put lotrimn on it (seems to get ridofit). the red splotchyness on inside of foreskin is totally flush with skin def no bumps nor sores by any means. is there anything I should worry about, seems to me it occurs when there is precum and may just be getting caught and trapped under foreskin causing irritation.

thanks for helping
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This actually sounds more like fungus (yeast is a fungus), especially if lotrimin is effective.  I'd get it checked out by a provider the next time you have symptoms, but it really does not sound like a STD to me.
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I mean I know there is only somany things it could be, herpes...syphillis ngu or gono....gono is to far out had neg syph tes. so I don't see how it can be herpes....does anyone know if it sounds like anything as well?...sounds like irritation and fungus from trapped under foreskin to me.
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