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how can i tell between mollusum and type 2 herpes?

I have had unblisterd lesions for well over 2 weeks now. I hear that herpes out breaks only last about 6 to 10 days so Im not sure if that factors out herpes? Also my lesions are by no means painful, but they did seem to  itch than normal. Also the size of the lesions almost match up perfect with the size suggested on the internet for molluscom. I guess I am most worried I can not really see a indented middle of my lesions like they say molluscom is supposed to have. I guess Im just trying to find out what I have and the best way to treat molluscom if it sounds like it
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I can tell you from seeing quite a bit of molluscum professionally that it takes a practiced eye to see that indentation many times.  also I'm not sure how flexible you are but I know I sure couldn't see indentations in something in my genital area sitting there in the floor with my mirror and flashlight!

Were you seen by a professional yet?

The best way to treat molluscum is either to have them removed in the doctor's office or use aldara cream for several weeks/months.  I don't recommend trying to remove these on your own at home at this point.

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