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how long do std symptoms last?

I was wondering how long std symptoms last?  I had protected sex almost 11 weeks ago and have had a burning itching rash on my scrotum and in my groin the whole time since.  I have had 2 doctors look at it and the both say it is jock itch.  Does jock itch take that long to heal?  I have had soreness in my right leg accompanied by muscle spasms.  The pain in my scrotum feels like someone pinching me.  I have been using topicals and recently was put on fluconazole (for yeast/ fungal infections).  I have seen no lesions of any sort and these symptoms have never gone away entirely.  I first had irratation within a day of the sex.  I went through a lot of anxiety over this period of time and still suffer a little now.  I was tested at the 6 week mark for HIV, herpes 1 and 2, hpv, chlamidia.  All came back negative except herpes 1.  My scrotum is dark red even brown at times.  I also have what appears to be extremely red stretch marks in my groin and my skin is extremely sensitive throughout the area and on my thighs.  Any thoughts?
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You do not have a STD concern with protected sex. Follow up with your Dr if you are concerned.
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