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how to live with Molluscum Contagiosum

i've had MC for about 8 months, i had them removed but of course a new outbreak has occured.  I've done a lot of research, and i've gathered a bit of information about it, but so many websites are so vague, most say to practice abstinence.  I am dating someone now, and I know that there's other ways to protect him from spreading the infection....

1)  I heard that you can only contract it through porous parts of the body, which means that you can handle the outbreaks with your hands and you won't contract it, just as long as you wash your hands afterwards, then you'll be fine, it's when you touch the area with your hand and then touch another area of your body that is porous (such as your backside, genitals, face, ect) that you risk the spread of the infection.  any input?
2)  are there specialized condoms you can wear that cover all of the genital area?
3)  during intercourse, you could possibly cover the lesions with a type of tape, since it is spread when lesions are exposed.  could this work?

there's got to be ways to work and live a semi-normal life with this nuisance, because abstinence for 2+ years is a lot easier said than done.  
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If they are continuing to return even after having them treated - have you talked to your doctor about topical treatments like aldara?

Search pubmed.gov for the study on mc and cimetidine. It was only effective 1/3 of the time but heck at this point why not since you can buy it otc and rather cheaply as a generic. Definitely worth talking to your doctor about.

I hear ya on the lack of sex issues!! How do you think I got carpal tunnel?

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their is a site that shows great results to the point of elimination the product is molluscum silver (you'll have to look it up).
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