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i have red and purple spots on penis head am i infected with STD?

hi all i never had sex and i never had lip kiss from childhood i have bi curious 26 years i never meet any one but i find a person online 26 years old he said he is a virgin just like me i dont know he is virgin or not but i meet him and we both naked and he touched his dick once before jerk off(no precum and sperm) and touched mine i felt fear and removed his hand from my dick in 30 sec i didnt allow him to touch my dick i sit side of him and jerk of his dick with my hand i said him tell me before come i dont want to touch sperm of yours so he said before he cum so i removed my hand he jerk of and cum i didn't touched his cum and i am circumcised he touched my dick so i am cleaning my dick 2 or 3 times with dettol soap and applying some talc on it but i saw after 1 week i got burning eyes (dry eyes) and in second week i got spots on my penis head rash just look like balanitis but not painful and no painful urination so i stopped cleaning with soap and using talc and applied coconut oil my penis head the red and purple color spots are gone but when i erect i saw small red and purple color spots all over penis head i am feeling fear i never meet any one in my life please tell me which std i got ?? i forgot to say i have phimosis  from childhood 4 years back 2012 i circumcised (at age of 22) i dont know it already there or it just come now my question is just 30 seconds he touched his dick and touched mine only 30 seconds can cause herpes or hpv or any other STD please suggest me i am unable to sleep from 3 weeks in my dreams also i am getting STD dreams feeling full of fear i understand I did a big mistake i never do it again and i saw all stds and hiv infected images i feeling fear of sex i never do sex in my life please tell me which std i got and what i have to do now
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