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is it a std or infection ?

about a year ago i noticed flaky patches on the head of my penis . they dissapeared after a month . then one day i had unprotected insertive anal sex with a male . the patches came back but it started off small and grew . 3 patches have appeared . they do not peel anymore . they have stopped growing , on one of the patches there are tiny red spots .for about two weeks now i have been experiencing testicular , abdominal and joint pain . no fever , sore throat or fatigue . my bowels make more sounds than ever and this has been going on for about a week now . i went to a clinic recently and was diagnosed with epiditymitis was prescribed doxycycline hyclate 100 mg capsules . the doctor did not ask or say anything about the patches . but this is very worrying . my anxiety and stress is through the roof . is there anything that can make it go away ???
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may i add that i am currently waiting for my std results .
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psoriasis? Possibly
im not exactly sure but today i woke up . the red dots were gone . but the patches have no disappeared
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