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is it possible to get syphillis without any sexual contact?

I was recently diagnosed with syphillis.  I have not had any sexual contact with anyone since October 2016 and want to know if it is at all possible that I could have contracted this through my work.  As a carpet fitter I cut up bedroom and bathroom flooring in situ.  Having had a lung infection from this once before I want to know if I could have breathed in dried infected bodily fluids from flooring I have cut. I know it sounds far fetched but to me having sex in 2016 and getting ill in 2018 sounds far fetched too.
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Hi no cant get syphilis as you describe and also if you tested positive then you need a second more accurate test to confirm it. with out the second test NATT, you cannot conclude you have it.
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Thank you for that.  I have had the tests done and it is conclusive.  
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