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knee pain elbow pain upper abdominal pain

Hi, I male 21,UK had an encounter with a sexwoker on 9th July 07 [(with condom) vaginal penetration, kissing, sucking nipples and handjob without condom using lubricant after penetration]...I developed joint pains (knee,elbow, hand finger) 2-3 weeks after exposure (been on ibuprofen for 5 days..pain still there increasing in the knee) and recently developed(2days ago) abdominal pain and feeling to vomit... I had a HIV p24 after a month 8th Aug 07..result negative.. I also went to GUM clinic 17 days(26th july) after exposure had two test swab and urine..no sti's found but no blood testing....I am now worried that that it might some blood related sti like hepatitis a,b or c.  I have not been able to sleep some nights properly after the encounter. when can i get tested for the sti which have been left out..what do these symptoms indicate..  thanks a lot
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please somebody reply..i am feeling very unwell and cant sleep
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Based on your exposure you had no risk from getting HIV or Hep A,B, or C..  

1. HIV is fluid or blood contact which you used a condom to protect yourself.
2. Hep A - highly unlikely unless you did oral to anal contact or ate at restaurant which someone preparing the food had Hep A and passed it on.  You have better odds hitting the lotto or breaking the bank in Las Vegas...  
3. Hep B is a blood transmission which again protected with condom.
4. Hep C is related to drug or sharing needles use.  blood contact which again protected with condom.

You should consider getting immunized for Hep A and B if your sexually active.  

As long as you use a condom for vaginal and anal sex, your hiv status will always be negative.  It sounds like you got all the bacteria type infections covered.  You are probably having anxiety over the episode with the pro which is causing your joint pain.  None of your symptoms are related to std or hiv issues.  I would try to calm your nerves and put the incident with the pro out of your mind.

Take Care..
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hi, this the sixth week and i had pain in the groin after inspection it feels like a lump just before the ball sack? what could it be? plus i am feeling something inside my neck..even after the HIV duo test negative after 28 days..can i stil have HIV or something else?
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a 28-day test is not fully reliable, but based on your description there is no chance of getting HIV. I can tell from experience that your symptoms do not necessarily go away if you keep digging these forums and check yourself all the time. I advise you to turn off your computer, call your friends and go to a movie and/or do something else. Give your head a rest.
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one more note, I believe abdominal pain is a common psychosomatic symptom. Like in this case when you have a fear of hiv, it is likely that abdominal pain is caused by anxiety.
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hi, in regards to the reliability of the test,
HIV Duo Test or HIV 28 Day Test - includes HIV p24 antigen the reliabilty is supposed to be 99.8% accurate according to information on the internet and the clinic i tested at told the same thing...the encounter with the pro was my first ever so anything else should be ruled out rite? another question(sorry) say my penis was inside her vagina for a while and not moving while i was kissing her..is there more chance without movement?
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Your 28 day test should be reassurance that you are negative.  HIV is a very fragile virus.   You could test in 6 or 12 weeks and that test is going to remain negative.  It sounds like you covered everything and I would move on from this experience.  Take Care..
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It seems that you found more accurate information somewhere. If you still got the link, please post it here so that I and other readers can study it a bit more.

Anyway, since we are individuals, one may never now when a test is 100% reliable, but it is likely that the result will not change if a 4-6 week test was negative. And I still see that you lack the risk situation since you used a condom.

Like Manton mentioned, hiv is somewhat a fragile virus. A very rough intercourse will naturally cause some temporary "wear and tear" to our equipment, so in this case the virus may have a slightly bigger chance to enter the body, but you really can't measure the difference. But since you wore a condom that remained intact, I see no difference whether you had rough sex or not. Chance is pretty much zero fo hiv.
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Website that states the HIV Duo Test or HIV 28 Day Test - includes HIV p24 antigen, accuracy is http://www.londonhivtest.com/
and thread http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV/messages/277.html

My advice to all keep your virginity for the loved one don't venture out god bless everyone
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Hepatitis A, B, C tests were negative 5 weeks from exposure..so no need to worry about, even i think these feelings/symptoms are anxiety related....i will have a test at 3 months and post the result best of luck to everyone..thanks medhelp forum
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