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lumps in lower abdomen

I am not exactly sure what topic thhis would fall under as I am not exaclty sure what it is, so I am posting it in a few different forums. But I was laying in bed last night and I am overweigth so I have a belly. I have been having a sort of pregnancy scare the past couple weeks and took 2 dollar store pregnancy tests, one had a faint line that my friend and I could both see and I am pretty sure the other did also but she couldnt see it, Not too many pregnancy symptoms, I am not sure about the urinating, I get a headache at least once a day, had some constipation for a while and broke out crying because someoen made fun of me....but I don't know......and an early period so I am not too sure about that. But that is what lead me to feel around my stomach and in my lower stomoch kinda in that fat muffin top puch area, I was feeling aroudn and squeezing and stuff and grabbed a lump it is sort of moveable and painful when i grab ahold of it, assuming because when I grab it, I kind of squeeze it...there are more then one....they differ in sizes....I am not sure if i am grabbing something that is suppose to be there or if they are cysts or what.....But I do not think they are normal....I can feel three that are different sizes and I also have had some vaginal discharge and it seems like after my period for the past couple months i develop yeast infection like symptoms with the dischage and ictching. I have been to they gyno since the yeast infections and got a pap smear and told them I wanted to get tested for everything, they didn't draw any blood but I am not sure what they can test for with the pap. That was at the end of October that I went to see her and I have had the yeast infection thing twice after that but it goes away on its own without treatment....its like a slight itch with light discharge that will last a few days and then go away until after my period. I know this is a lot but I wanted to describe everything and see what anybody can get out of it. I am also very sexually active with the same parter without protection. The lumps are not super hard either....they have more of a tissuey texture. similiar to a large painful pimple like feel lol
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Bumps/lumps can be many things and often not STD related, you would have to see a Dr for proper diagnosis.
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