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meatus inflammation and testicle pain

so doc i have a minor issue but a consistent one. i have a little bit of red inflammation on my meatus and minor constant pain in my testicles and upper inner thighs. i dont think its anything bad every partner i have had intercourse with has been protected. but it feels like i ran 6 miles in my thighs and my testicles only really feel weird to the touch. i have no discharge. no spots or lesions on any other part of the penis and also my abdomen area has a little pain too. i have had chronic kidney stones since 2006. do you have any idea what any of these symptoms mean? its possible it could be psychosymatic. cause i do psyche myself out. but id liked to think im not.

thanks doc
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Hi there -

I would think something prostate with this, and would suggest you give your doc a call.

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