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molluscum contagiosum complications

So I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum 7 weeks ago. I started out at 2 small lesions with the white core and ubilication on top,defiantly molluscum, on my pubic area,soo I went to the doctors and he prescribed my condylox,those 2 went away then a get more piped up on my thighs and treated them as before,but then I noticed alot more small red bumps on my penis shaft with no umbilication and thought they might be starting sighn of a molluscum soo I applied they fell and they seemed to be going away,then a day later my penis was swollen and I had to go back to the doctors because my stomach felt wierd were they said it was probably my lymph nodes fighting the infection,and told me not to worry about it,now I have way more red bumps on my penis shaft,no umbilication and i don’t know if it’s still molluscum or possibly herpes because they don’t hurt or itch but The ones I put condylox in developed small cuts and I have found a yellow crust in the morning,my shaft is now covered in small red bumps that don’t have a wire core or umbilication, what could this be? More molluscum,an infection or herpes?
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This does not sound like herpes to me.  But a doctor can tell you definitively.  They can swab any of the pox but would be most interested in crusted ones.  Since you have an ongoing issue, can you get back tot he doctor to investigate further? You may also require different treatment.  They do scraping and removal as well and there is oral medication you can take.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/molluscum-contagiosum/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20375230
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Yea I’ll let you know what the doctor says on Monday,and I think the crusting was due,to the condylox I applied and it was starting to scab up, I have started to apply neosporin just to my daft and it seems to be healing, they never itches too btw, but I think I may have messed up and mistaken the initial red bumps with some Fordycyde spots and the condylox iritated the skin around it,I’m just worried about herpes because they don’t look like my other bumps and the swollen lymph nodes I got because it’s a sighn of herpes too
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Soo I went to the dermatologist,and he said it looked like an allergic reaction to something probably the soap I bought to treat the molluscum, being that it was on the area were i is to use it,I had tiny little blisters start to develop on my thighs and stomach and back, which make sense. My question is could that allergic reaction also cause red bumps on my penis shaft,because as soon as I got the rash I developed some red bumps on my shaft too, no blisters though,they just look like round red bumps with nothing coming out of them, or indentation like molluscum
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Sure it could - if you're allergic in one area, you'd probably be allergic in all areas. Even if you didn't use it on your penis, you may have touched your penis with soapy hands without realizing it.

What soap did you use?

And loads of things cause bumps. Allergies are a frequent cause of them.
Yea I think it it was either an alergic reaction to the soap or maybe the condylox he prescribed to burn off the molluscum,he gave me some steroid cream which cleared up my thighs, and back but still have small blister like hives on my scrotum and residual chest ones
I also went to the dermitalogist and he took a skin biopsy from one of the bumps on my penis,soo I should know for shure what it is,I’m just can’t wait for all this to be over,my balls are killing me because the doc said to not put the steroid cream on my genitals soo I guess I’ll just have to wait
I'm so sorry. It sounds miserable. :(

Can you take an antihistamine, like benedryl? Call your doctor and ask if he thinks that would help. It will likely make you really sleepy, and you shouldn't drink alcohol with antihistamines, but it's worth a shot, if you are medically able to take them.
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