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molluscum contagiosum questions

In February I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum.  I'd only had sex with one person, in the 4 months prior to when I first saw the mollusca.  He had no bumps at all so I don't really know where mine came from.  I had them frozen off and avoided sex with my partner until they were gone.  Apparently, sometime during the summer, they came back, but I didn't notice until my partner found a pimple-like bump on the head his penis.  Now I see tiny little bumps on my thighs, and I'm sure the MC is back (I've been tested recently for the most common STDs and tests were all negative).  I'm going back to the doctor to have them treated, but I can't be seen for a while so I have a couple questions in the meantime:

Is it possible to pick up MC near the genitals from anything other than sexual contact?  I'm thinking I could have gotten it at a waxing salon--does that sound possible?  Can I only pass on MC when there are actual bumps?  I've heard it can recur for years--how do I know when it's gone for good?  I feel awful about giving it to my partner, but it's hard not to have sex in a long-term relationship.  Can I have sex again after these bumps disappear, or do I wait for a long time to be safe?  I've heard MC described as "harmless"--are there any negative effects other than unsightly appearance?  I've read that people have had good luck with poking the lesions and squeezing out the white center--is that an urban legend?  I'm really tempted to try it...

Thanks so much for help from anyone, I know this isn't the worst STD, but I'm nervous about it.
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I was diagnosed with MC years ago, and after 6 months it went away. What I did was have some frozen off, then used a cream "Aldara" for a few weeks. When about 3 MC bumps came back, I actually did the squeezing method and they were completely gone in days. It has been almost 3 months, and I have not seen one bump come back. I also am wondering about your question "Can I only pass on MC when there are actual bumps" I hope someone answers that part too. MC is harmless, other than the emotional distress of having it and seeing it. The only problem that could arise from it is if you scratched them and got them infected or something. I would strongly recommend "Aldara" cream for the bumps, if you can get it prescribed to you. I really hope my MC is gone for good, and I wish you the best of luck.
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