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muscle loss from std?

I have been experiencing testicle pain... White blotchy hands, muscle loss and wrists and fore arms thinning causing weakness.. I know its from unprotected sex while traveling Asia.. Does anyone now of this?? Please please help. Iam a 26 year old single male, not sure how if I can cope much more. Thanks in advance
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Hi, none of what you mention are symptoms of any std. What type of sexual exposure did you have?
Hi, I had sex and oral from a local girl in Cambodia.. I got stupid drunk and used a poor quality condom and it broke! I have been living a nightmare ever since.
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correction, testicle pain could be related to an infection  but with stds, like Gono a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating would almost always occur prior to spreading to the testicles
The first thing that happened was what i thought was a terrible itch.. I got cream from a gp in uk. Nothing helped then I noticed it was the testicles moving and rotating was causing the itch. There was a slight amount of white stuff in side the fore skin after a week or two then disappeared. It's now causing swollen glands, muscle loss, one lump on each fore arm and wrist are eating away. My scull feels a different shape aswell. Thanks for any help.
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