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mutual masturbation

Hello everyone...

I need help urgently please help!

I saw a cheap prostitute today...she gave me a hand job...2-3 minutes and I touched her vagina...she was not too wet....almost dry...if she had something and I touched her vagina And then my penis...am I at risk for something? If so for what? Is testing needed?
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I'm starting to feel insulted as you clearly not reading anything I have written.
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Anyone pls!
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If she had no sores on her vagina and touched herself and then my penis, should I worry about herpes? The doctor said I couldn't get gonorreah or clamidya this way, what should I do?
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Vance, where are you?!
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Not here 24/7 as I have a life outside of this forum which includes work, family, etc.

You had no risk.
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I figured that man, so sorry, you are really important here, I need to ask a follow up question tho, I know this is very low risk but I dont wanna wait 12 weeks for a test for HIV, since this happened only 2 days ago im considering PEP. is this a good idea?

am I at risk for ANY other STD such as Herpes or gonorreah? please let me know what you think I should do,

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if I dont develop syntoms this week am I home safe?
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HIV questions post in the HIV forum.

Did you read what I wrote? You had no risk.
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I just wanted to make sure you understood what I did, I will take no further action if thats what you recommend,

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I forgot to ask,

how many days would have to pass with no syntomps for me to forget about this and consider myself safe??

please answer me thanks!!
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yes you said no risk...for ANYTHING...
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You didnt say, would this include if say she had gonorreah, and I took her vaginal fluids and masturbated myself in the uretrha? no risk? last one i promise i need to make sure im ok to protect my wife im sure you understand.
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I said "no risk". Why would I say no risk if you had a risk?
Guilt is not a risk.
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