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my son had sex with prostitute in toronto, canada.

My son was in Toronto , Canada for the last nine months and has come back to India just today morning. He says that during the month of July (on 13th of July) because of depression he went to a prostitute and had sex with her. He says that she has applied condom on his penis before the sex but he says that the condom became loose at the end of the sexual intercourse and was filled with fluid. He also says that he might have swallowed her breast milk. Since then he complains of bad smell in nose, passing yellow urine,loss of appetite, little shivering and skin becoming red if pressed, preferring to stay in dark . He was already a patient of depression before leaving to Canada and too treatment for the same for few months but was not on medicine during July. He was also having mild vericocele problem which was not advised for operation. In Canada he was diagnosed for swelled prostate glands but did not took medicines as was not taking proper died. He was registered for appointment in Toronto for counseling and test relating to his sex encounter on 21st instant but he came back to India before attending the counseling. Can any body inform me the details relating to the said problem. What are the chances of my sons getting any STD. How about treatment in India, where it can be found quality treatment. How to find out whether my son is suffering from any STD. Is there any organization which will entrant by email and give suggestions. Any related doctor may also please reply. While in India earlier he was taking medicine for depression during last year ie Mirtaz and Sulpitac but stopped suddenly after taking six months. As advised by the Psychiatrist he has to start the same medicine. He is also required to start anti biotic medicine for prostate swelling as per the advise of Canadian doctor. I require guidance in this regard.
1) what are the symptoms says about my sons illness
2) which type of STD he may be suffering from
3) What tests are required to be done to roll out any disease.
4) Whether my son can peacefully marry and when
5)What food precautions shall be taken
6)Any other precautions during daily life.
7) Whether my sons bed, towel, etc should be separate
8) Why he is getting bad smell from nose.
9) Whether the race and color of the girl has a role in acquiring STD.
10)Any volunteers who will help in this regard (website or phone no or address)
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1) Not STD related
2) None based on symptoms and the use of a condom
3) None for STD's
4) Whenever he wants
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...can not be answered. He had no risk for a STD. Have him see a Dr for his symptoms.
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Even after lapse of so much time my son complains different problems like pain in back side of scrotal area, closed nose and dizziness, giddiness with body pains. A boy of 24 year age why should he have all these problems. He was shown to several doctors so far. No body has indicated any major problems. His  test for urine culture was done one month back which was normal. He was given tabs 'augmetin' for two weeks for pain. He has got a cyst also in scrotal but it is not major. He was checked  by sex doctor for VD diseases who performed physical check of his organs also and inform no problem. He was having infection in his semen as per the tests done one year back for which he was given treatment but after that again semen check was not done. He was having low semen count also but he is still unmarried. He says that his problems have started since his sex encounter in Canada. He was also suffering from depression for one year back which reoccurred recently and is taking medicine like Mirtaz 15mg (one daily)and fludac (daily 2) . What could be the reason for these symptoms. What are the tests he requires to undergo. Her urine test was showing presence of puss cells 2 to 4. His scrotal scan shows mild vericocele and prostate enlargement to little extent. Which was not given importance by the doctor. He says he is not able to go out in the morning cold. He says he is getting cold very fast on taking any thing cold like ice cream.
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none of this sounds std related. he'll need to continue to follow up with his providers as needed.  unless he gets a + std test result at this point not really anything we can help you with to be honest.  sounds like he's had proper testing and his symptoms don't sound std related either.

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