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mysterious persistent NGU

hey all. I am male and had unprotected sex both oral and vaginal with a female of unknown status. several weeks later I had discharge and tested negative for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and was diagnosed NGU. I was given 2 weeks doxy, cefexime one dose and azithromycin 2 one gram doses. nothing really helped exvcept the azithromycin which got rid of the tingling/burning sensations at the urethra but have left my urethra looking irritated.

I am also sffering from sharp pains in my groin area mainly on my left side, and also cramp like feelings and a discomfort in the spot behind my testes when sitting. its a mix between a sharp pain and a feeling as though there is a lump or bump there. when bending to my right my left hip hurts like tendons are being pulled or something..

is anyone else going through something similar? my doctors are at a loss and the next step is a urologist...my feeling is thats its some form of mycoplasma perhaps...
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"my doctors are at a loss and the next step is a urologist"   ... sorry to hear this frustating condition.   Family physicansusally won't bother to think like you want them to, or to purse it further than gonorrea/chlamydia. I am speaking from experience here, once they see negative gon/chlam results they call it a day.

Yep, my best advice is to see that urologist, they should be able to help you.
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