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one night stand std??

so i recently had a one night stand and was furious with myself immediately afterwards. we used protection at first and then moved to a blowjob and i had intercourse with her unprotected for about five or so minutes. after 30 minutes or so, i took a shower and left. we made out after all of this.

the next day, i woke up to a weird pain the side of my jaw that bothered me. i took it as a sign to get tested. it came back chlamydia positive. felt like the worst day of my life. i've read conflicting information on whether testing can catch something that quick. like is it possible to be infected within 24 hours or was this lingering?

now i am worried about herpes and anything else from this encounter. i feel fine except for my nerves. i had zero symptoms aside from the weird jaw ache. i haven't had a good nights sleep in over a week. when can i re-test and put all of this behind me???
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Hey there, ill be happy to advise you on this.

So the chlamydia result is a bit early after this test. Im not going to say impossible, but I would not be surprised if you had it before this encounter but were asymptomatic. Luckily though it is very easy to treat with a round of antibiotics.

The jaw is nothing to do with it - maybe if you give oral to hair you have have over worked a muscle or maybe the TMJ. It is not connected to any STI so I would not be concerned. Even it if was (its not) it is too soon for symptoms to appear.

However, even though you started with using a condom, ultimately the rest of the penetrative sex was unprotected and that can put you at risk. Namely..

Chlamydia (2 weeks)
Gonorrhoea (2 weeks)
HIV (4 weeks)
Syphilis (4 weeks)

The dates in brackets are the recommended testing times (Im from the UK so these are UK recommendations). Honestly, syphilis and HIV are unlikely from a single, hetro experiance in the developed world but still very real risk none the same!

Hepres is also a risk as you said but at present the only way to really know is to wait and see if any warts or sores appears around the genital region.

I would wait 6 weeks and get a full screening done. That should weigh up in time with a good retest of a test of cure for the chlamydia.
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Hi, no std shows symptoms the next day but takes a few days for any symptoms to develop and there is mixed opinions about contracting  oral clamydia as most say only Gono can be oral not chalamydia. Also to get these types of std,s from oral sex the infected body part would need to make contact with the back of your throat which is not possible giving a female oral sex it would be from a penis making contact with the back of the throat.
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Did you test the next day and tested positive for chlamydia? That has to be from a previous encounter if you tested the following day. It takes about 3-5 days to show on a test.

You should notify your partner, if you can.

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