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only 18 years old very scared

i barely had unprotected sex, this was my first time so i didnt even put in in the vagina properly, i put it in near the top of the vagina and started pushing it in( kind of hard), then realized it was in the wrong spot lol! , then she asked if i had a condom, and i said no, then we stopped. from what i hear from my friends she is a ****, but only 17 years old  and i am 18. what are my odds of having hiv/aids in general? and if she has it what are the odds that i contracted it? remember i kind of jammed it in so there might have been a micro cut on the skin or something... super worried so plz reply
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First off I encourage you to check out the site - www.iwannaknow.org.  it's aimed at teenagers and part of the ashastd.org site.

Only about 1% of adults in the US have hiv.  The type of contact you had was pretty low risk in general for all std's but especially for hiv.  

don't believe everything you hear about others either :)

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thnx so much for ur quick reply, and im in canada so i hope even less ppl have hiv
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