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painless reddish flesh colored spot on penis head

After about 2 weeks of having unprotected vaginal sex with an ex, I noticed a reddish fleshy colored mark on the right side of my penis head. It does NOT HURT OR BURN OR ITCH. I wouldnt even know it was there if I couldnt see it. It is nearly flat as well. It has a waxy look to it. It is about half the size of a pea, maybe a little smaller. I NEED IMMEDIATE INPUT ON THIS. I have had it for about a few weeks. It is not getting any worse that I can tell. At one point in time, it seemed to be almost gone, then I masturbated and it got worse, im guessing from irritation. What can this be? It also seems to look much worse/darken when my penis is erect. DONT TELL ME TO GO GET CHECKED, IM ON THAT. I want input now on what it could possibly be. No pictures of any stds I goodled looked anythign close to this. It looks mild, not nasty, not an open sore. But its apparently there.
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I think your expectations of an online forum are a bit unrealistic dear.  we are not the same as being seen at a clinic.

follow up monday on this. we'd totally be guessing as to what is going on - it could be anything from something normal to a wart and a proper exam is the best way to deal with it.

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