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painless tongue ulcers/bumps in mouth

i am a 25 year old male ,i had unprotected oral sex with a girl over a year and a half ago we kissed and all that and i used protection wen we had sex.

i started to notice symptoms like a redness/irritation and a shinyness on the head of my penis , i went to the local clinic and the doctor told me she could not see anything could be dry skin... but we did blood and urine tests just to be sure
they came back negative ..
within the last year and a half i have not been sexually active , i have been getting painless tongue ulcers very often , i have lots of bumps under the skin inside my mouth on my upper and lower lip . i have a red irritation around my lips that does not go away seems to only be getting worse and more noticeable but has not blistered or anything my bottom lip seems to be getting larger as the redness around my lip keeps getting worse  , on part of my top lip looks swollen and has changed shape  a bit , the redness around my penis head has been getting worse as wel but still haven't had any  blisters  , i seem to have bit of swelling on the penis "meatus", i have been getting sick more often and i have noticed some dots of blood wen wiping my butt after using the bathroom (nothing has ever near went my butt) , i have been to get tested  THREE times since my first symptoms and all my tests have came back negative ,i don't know what to do i am to paranoid to have any sexual contact with anyone as i don't want to spread anything if i have something ,

i have been reading so many links and looking at so many pictures , i am almost positive it is an std ,what do you think it is ?, and what should i do ?
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Don't know what it could be but it would not be STD related from over a year ago.
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why could it not be std related ?
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noone can give me any info on this ?
Hello there, did you ever find out the problem please? I have the exact same symptoms and its driving me insane. A response would be much appreciated. Thanks
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STD's don't take this long to show. See a Dr if concerned.
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Wow same symptoms.  Except on the penis head I have barely visible pin point whiteish dots. And when I'm fully erect penis is slight reddish. With a few of those barely visible bumps on penis. I have a burning sensation around my lip on the out line as well. But I think it's gone. But I did notice these barely visible baige maybe even white barely visible circle on lips as well. Mainly where top and Bttm lip mean. I checked my mouth. No sign of blisters but did notice under tongue it's red red. I mean red. But no sign of blisters. And no pain whatsoever. Now noticing those taste bud things on top of tongue are kind of irritated as well. Not sure if maybe it's an infection. Have u checked yourself for anything else? When I wiped myself I also bleed a little until recently I did more then a little. And never don't anything back their. If you can please keep me updated. I just went to get tested for herpes. Waiting on results.
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