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penis wierdness

ok, so my penis has these small pimple like bumps.  they are white in color and not immediately notice-able.  my girlfriend has got rid of cervical cancer, and in the course of that, gotten STD tests a few times, and always came back negative.  i have also had symptoms like others have talked about with the painful urination after ejaculating.  but only after ejaculating.  no other time.  the small white bumps on my penis arent painful, and dont get irritated when i masturbateter or after intercourse. after interourse, i  usually have a feeling like i am not getting all the ejaculate out, and thats usually when i end up urinating and experience burning. and then feel like im not getting all the urine out.  after ejaculating i can usually squeeze out a small bit of clear sticky fluid.  and have trouble occasionally emptying my bladder regardless.  this may be due to a small hemmerhoid i have and may not,but its a bit troubling at age 27!

i did have a period when i was 22 and working a stressful job where i passed what i believe to be kidney/bladder stones.  they were something, it would be painful as all get out to pee, then a small piece of something would come out with a stringy tail on it, and id be fine

me and my girl have been together for over a year and a half.  i cheated on her a couple times, most recently about 10 months ago.  i feel i should have noticed something by now if anything.

the bumps on my penis dont open up and scab, they dont hurt, they dont realy do anything, just kinda show up, and then go away.

one more thing.  her vagina smells odd.  i know its a wierd question, but most girls ive been with dont smell, its almost a sweet smell, but hers is an odd pungent one.  shes had 2 kids and fought off cancer of the cervix, has problems with bladder infections and such. could any of that have anything to do with it?  it seems the longer we go without sex, the better she smells.  
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If when you cheated, it was unprotected, you exposed yourself to the possibility of std's.  Not all std's will show symptoms.  However, what you describe is not characteristic of any that I know of.  Perhaps you have now contracted HPV.  You should go to a doctor and see what they say. There is no real testing for HPV in men but an experienced doctor would know if they saw it.
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