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plasma donation center testing

Hello all.

My GF and I are starting to get serious. We have been sort of dating for a while, and have fooled around, done a lot of kissing, but have not yet had sex. We agreed to get tested for the main, incurrable stds before having sex.

I was wondering if plasma centers tested for hsv, and if they would tell you if you had it. I donated plassma twice with no problems or notification.

I have became paranoid when reading up too deeply(according to my gf) on  some stds. I read that one can get back aches if they have herpes. Well, since I was 20-ish, I have had sort of a recurrent sciatica. It has faded over time. I have never had an std. I have never had any lesions on my genitals or mouth, and have never been with someone who has had lesions. But, after reading the bach ache part, I have been a little paranoid.

So, if I had anything, ahem, Herpes, ahem, would the plasma center notify me?

Thank you very much and have a nice day/night.

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Plasma centers test for hepatitis, syphilis and HIV. They do not test for herpes as it is not a blood borne infection.
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This is what I was thinking. But, my brother asked what they test for(I think he may have been thinking the same way I am now, but not nearly as obsessive/paranoid), according to my brother, the person said, "We test for everything, so you'll know if you have anything." I have also read online that plasma places do not want you to donate within 3 weeks of an outbreak, so this made me think they would test for Herpes, as well.

The only problem is, I can never believe the positive things, I expect the worst,lol.

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So why not just you and your gf both get tested  and get it over with so that you can relax about this?

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listen im really scared this girl gave me a little bit of oral sex and some kissing she says she does not have anything but she has had sex 3 times befroe i only had that because i thought it wd be good but it wasnt because i didnt hv any fellings for her really and i did not have a full erection but did eject a little and i push i think most of that out befre she gave me oral sex i do not know whither i hv sympotms at all.She  did not put her moth near my genitals or testcalls but she did touch tem before the oral.She did not seem to hv and blisters or such on her lips or anything much on her face if anything.And when the oral was taking place she put it down her moth just a little bit but may hv licke the lowre top of my penis not my genitals though.Please tell me if i cd hv goteen gential herpies or something thourgh this.If so please tell me wht i should expect and what i wd need  if symptoms should arise and wht thosese symptoms might be and how to test for such a disese from a doctor or is there a store test please i need a doctors help.
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ive been donating for about 2 to three months now and ive had sex many of times and i have received no notification of me haveing anything and they do test you before you even start donating and tell you that you will receive notification if you do have anything and then they will destroy all plasma given it is regulation and against the law to not tell you and allow you to continue donating if you have any diseases so your straight all of you who have donated so to be sure i would listen to grace just get tested and move the hell on lol
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Jesus man what's wrong with you. First off if your that much of a little b**** then tell your gf your not man enough to tap that anyways. Second no one here wants to listen to you cry about not being able to get it up and whether or not the fatty you let slob on you has herpes. Third please don't have sex period from now on. I can't handle any more pu***** like you reproducing because Your ruining our gene pool. Fourth where you stay I feel like whipping your crybaby a**
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