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please help, not sure what symptoms mean!!!

1.5 months ago i had so sexual interaction with other men (i am male)
i had receptive oral sex (unprotected, but NO ejaculation) with two people (one guy who i did for <20 seconds, and another guy who is a friend and claims to have only given oral sex to another guy in the past. both claim to be STD-free)
i had insertive oral sex (unprotected) with 2 different men (twice each. both claimed to be STD-free as well)

this all occurred within a month's period in the US.

since the last incident
1 week after - sore throat, cough
4~6 weeks after - single painful small pea-sized lump in left armpit (hurts when i clench arm to side of body)...would disappear after a day, but would come back in other location in armpit. not sure if lymph node inflammation. i'm starting to think it's because of my antipersperant (Degree) stick, humid weather, and smoggy air...but again, not sure.
6 weeks - saw abrasion on bottom side of penis shaft. no bleeding or open sore, but worried it was a chancre. put neosporin on, and has not been casuing problems for the past 2 days....

please help, i beg anybody for their opinion. i am very anxious and afraid of HIV (mostly) and other STDs. I have yet to get checked, but i am out of the US and do not trust medical services where I am right now.
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Your only risk is herpes. which would most likely be hpv1 which you probably already have anyway as most people do. You could get it genitally even if you get cold sores but the odds are against it.
Still don't believe anybody that tells you they are std free, they might not know even if they have something. They would have to get tested constantly.
Always use protection unless you are in a committed relationship.
You are here dealing with anxiety over one experience, if you wore protection, you would not be worrying.
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thank you willy for your prompt reply.
yes, i learned the protection values the hard way.

how did you come to the conclusion of herpes being the only possibility?

i was afraid about the chancre-like abrasion (but no hard formation) and the lump in my armpit (lymphadenopathy???)

sorry for sounding paranoid, but i appreciate your advice
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the symptoms you are talking about could be any thing but you really didn't have any risk for anything other than herpes. Oral sex especially for the recipient is considered the safest sex. The amount of hiv in mucous is very small and has never been proven to transmit hiv. Don't let your anxiety make you draw conclusions from symptoms that could be due to anything. Don't read all the **** on the net, it will destroy you. I had golf ball size nodes because of a tick bite.
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thanks again willy...but what about being the on the "giving" end of oral sex?

i'm still tormenting myself with the thought that i'm at high risk for "hooking up" so carelessly...
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still extremely low risk even if you swallowed. First you do not know the status of your partners. Assuming they were positive you had cuts in your mouth and you swallowed I think it is somewhere in the odds of 1/10000 that you could possibly catch it. But most likely they didn't have it. Saliva is an inhospitable place for hiv.

Go get checked or order a test off the internet, but really I wouldn't waste the money. Just learn from your indiscretion and move on.
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