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please help inform me of my boyfriend has dark spots and bumps on his penis

my boyfriend has round raised dark brown moles around the pubic area wheere the shaft meets the body, also on and raound the base of the shaft he has multiple flat dark, rough textured spots. he told me it was "frede's spots" and i have tried to look this up but i have found nothing on it. he assured me they are harmless, but he is very insecure about them. i dont want to make him un comforable, and i dotn want to give him the impression that i am not attracted to him, i would just liek to know what this could be and if they cause any pain.
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the texture of the spots are like nothing i have seen, they are flat and oval about 1 cm in diameter and they are dry and scaley almost like scabs. i have tried for endless aounts of hours to try to determain what this is but i am coming up with nothing.

they are in a cluster he has probably avout 10 on his penis shaft and 6-7 round smooth raised moles in his pubid hair area near the base of the penis
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also two days ago we had oral sex annd my cheeks and lips have swollen to the point were i cant smile or eat and i can barly talk. i dont know if i should be concered about these strange spots on his penis becuase i cant find anything like this anywhere.
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check fodycle spots. I think that is how it is spelt.
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